Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course
Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course

Airport Customer Service Agent - Bronze Level Course

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The Airport Passenger Service Agent Course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills for working in the airport environment.   You learn the role of Airport Passenger Service Agent step by step and cover all aspects from when the passenger walk inside the airport and approaches the check in desk to issuing of the boarding pass.  The course is broken-down into two sections the Customer Service element and the actual role of the Passenger Service Agent, which is much more practical.  This course covers a number of elements that will enhance your opportunities  of employment  within the aviation industry. 


Our Airport Customer Course provides the skills and knowledge on passenger care while working in the airport environment.   

Course content... 

Module 1

  • Setting the Standards 
  • Body Language 

Module 2

  • Effective communication 
  • Passenger announcements 
  • Listening skills 
  • Different types of communication 

Module 3 

  • Different passengers 
  • Passengers with special requirements 
  • Seating requests
  • Passenger types 

Module 4

  • Recognising conflicts 
  • Passenger complaints 

Module 5 

  • Products & services provided by different airlines


Terminology in Aviation is very important in the role of a Customer Service Agent.  You will be competent in the following areas:

  • Aviation Terminology 
  • Airline Geography 
  • Worldwide City/Airport Codes 
  • Airline Codes 
  • Flight Routings for schedule flights 

There will be various assessments to complete to test your knowledge and a Air Travel Appendix resources pack. 



  • Lesson 1- Geography —  Worldwide  Geography
  • Lesson 2- Industry Conventions: 24-Hour Clock
  • Lesson 3 — Industry Conventions: Time Zones
  • Lesson 4 — Industry Conventions: Airport and City Codes, US and CA
  • Lesson 5-  Codes: Airport and City Codes — Europe and Asia
  • Lesson 6 — Types of Travel — Leisure Travel
  • Lesson 7 — Types of Travel — Business Travel
  • Lesson 8 —  Other Types of Travel
  • Lesson 9 - Airports
  • Lesson 10 — Commercial Airlines
  • Lesson 11-Hotel Companies
  • Lesson 12 - Car Companies
  • Lesson 13 - Rail Companies
  • Lesson 14 - Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Lesson 15 - Introduction to Aircraft Types
  • Lesson 16 - Aircraft Types


Assessments & Practice

  • There are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. The Travel Fundamental Professional Systems training course - includes a personal log in to sign on and sign off.

The Airport Travel Fundamentals module includes:

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 20 Hours of study 
  • Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress 
  • Final assessments for all areas of the course
  • Support & guidance throughout your course 



Knowing the Airport Check  in procedures is key and will enhance your opportunities when applying for employment within the industry.

Course content.....

  • Familiarise with the Roles and Responsibility of an APSA
  • Familiarise with Airport Check in Methods 
  • Identify Travel Documentation Checks 
  • Identify with Dangerous Goods Regulation 
  • Awareness of Airline Baggage Policy 
  • Identify with Airline Baggage Labelling Procedures
  • Familiarise with Different Aircraft Types 
  • Awareness of Check in & Boarding Card Procedures 
  • Airport Check in System Procedures 
  • Familiarise with Supplementary Service Request Codes 
  • Familiarise with Airline Passenger Announcements


You will receive an 'Apply for a Job in Aviation' Pack and a number of Aviation Assessments that could take place as part of the interview process. Some of these assessments that take place  are related to the job role and this is to ensure that candidates are competent and are able to delivery in an efficient manner.  


You will gain the following proficiencies and competences of...

  • Identify cities and counties related to IATA areas and Sub-areas
  • Familiarise with airline coding and decoding 
  • Acknowledge passenger routings and worldwide geography 
  • Interpret data entries on electronic tickets
  • Familiarise with Passenger special request codes 
  • Familiarise with Airline carriers coding and decoding 
  • Identify and interpret airline fare structures
  • Identify baggage allowance coding 
  • Identify airline excess baggage charges 
  • Checking and interpreting airline fare availability and much more....

You will also receive a 45 page 'Air Travel Appendix' inclusive of...

  • Airline coding and decoding
  • Three letter codes coding and decoding
  • Aircraft codes
  • Country state codes
  • Baggage allowance codes
  • Abbreviations and Definitions used in the airline industry
  • 45 Page Booklet - Applying  for a Job in Aviation.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive a Certificate and Notification of Topics Learnt, demonstrating to employers your knowledge  and skills attained ready for employment within the industry. 

The Airport Customer Service Professional  course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Airport Customer Service Agent 
  • Airport Information Desk 
  • Passenger Service Assistance
  • Passenger Ambassador
  • Customer Service Host
  • Meet & Greet Assistant
  • Arrival and Transfer Assistant
  • Passenger Service Agent Reduce Mobility Assistant  

Your course includes Course Materials, Personal Tutor Support & Guidance, and Certification.  

At Exodus Travel Training & Recruitment our courses are  are the requirements of the industry and to meet the needs for well established airlines to ensure proficiency and high levels of competence at the start of your career. You will be able to enhance your opportunities of employment with the technical knowledge  and practical skills learnt on this course and gain a foothold within the industry of your choice.