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Welcome to 'One Stop Courses'.

What a great way of gaining the right qualifications to start your career and gain a wealth of knowledge, industry terminology and skills ready to work in the intended career paths:

  • An airline 
  • An airport
  • The Travel Industry

Our 'One Stop Courses' are designed to provide you with what you need and study no more!!

You will walk off with between three to four certificates (depending on your course) demonstrating to employers your competence and knowledge gained to 'Get Set' for an career in within the industry.  Employers will recognise such qualifications as 'Computerised Reservations Systems' - Galileo or Amadeus  and your 'Airline Airfares and Ticketing' qualification, which is evidently requested by major well-established leading organisations within the industry. These globally recognised professional qualifications would ensure that you confidence, well-trained, equipped and qualified to gain a foothold within your selected career path. 

We will first start you off to gain underpinning knowledge of the industry and then progress  you to the career path of professionalism.   We will design a programme with a schedule for example such as the follows:

  • 6 Weeks study - Introductory Airfares and Ticketing Course 
  • 10-12 Weeks to study - Airline Airfares & Ticketing Level  1
  • 10 - 12 Weeks to study - Simulated online training Galileo Airline Computerised Reservation System* 

* Please note: this is a guideline and the course can work around your own commitments with you and your tutor you are able to design your own schedule to suit your needs.

Course fees include Materials, Examination, Certificates  and Tutor Support. You will receive certificates for the following professional worldwide  recognised qualifications  - Galileo or Amadeus, Airfares and Ticketing.  

    What are you waiting for!  Enrol one one of our 'One Stop Courses- Heading you in the right direction for a sustainable career.  


    Remember: One Stop - All You Need! - To Study No More!!!