Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology  - SABRE
Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology  - SABRE
Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology  - SABRE
Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology  - SABRE
Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology  - SABRE

Airline & Travel Reservation Systems with Industry Terminology - SABRE

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Do  you want to learn Sabre Reservation System from the comfort of your own home and highly respect professional course used in both Aviation and Business Travel, no matter where you are in the world you live.

Course Information 

This professional introduces prospective travel and airline workers in to the reservation systems and terminology used.  This course is designed for those that would like an introduction to the industry, related continued professional development or additional training for further knowledge on systems used in the industry. You will be introduced to Airline Reservations and Departure Control Check-in System used at Airports.  You will be taken from enquiry to check flight available to creating booking files for Passengers, Electronic Miscellaneous Travel Documentation, Pricing and Producing Itineraries.  The course also introduces prospective employees to the industry with Worldwide Geography, Types of Airports, Airlines, Aircraft Types, Hotels and Car Rental companies.  You will also explore one of the most important aspect to Airline and Travel  Reservations  such as industry Terminology of Time Zones, Airport and Worldwide City Codes plus much more...

This course will give you access to the real Sabre system as it is used in the Travel and Aviation industry.   Once you have enrolled for the course, we will set you up with access and you will receive your Sabre System login details and instructions. 

The Sabre course is logically structured and begins by teaching you how to make a Reservation and gradually to more complex ending in the most complex of Reservations you can expect made in highly regarded Airlines or Travel organisations of the industry.

Course Includes 10 Modules…37 LESSONS

  • Lesson 1 — Navigation Tutorial
  • Lesson 2 — Course Introduction
  • Lesson 1 — World Geography Introduction
  • Lesson 2 — Your European Tour
  • Lesson 3 — Your African Tour
  • Lesson 4 — Your Asian Tour
  • Lesson 5 — Your Oceania Tour
  • Lesson 6 — Your South American Tour
  • Lesson 7 — United States and Canada
  • Lesson 8 — Your Mexico and Central America Tour
  • Lesson 9 — Victoria
  • Lesson 10 — 24-Hour Clock
  • Lesson 11 — Time Zones
  • Lesson 12— Airport and City Codes — US and Canada
  • Lesson 13 — Airport and City Codes — Europe and Asia
  • Lesson 14 — Leisure Travel
  • Lesson 15 — Business Travel
  • Lesson 16 — Other Types of Travel
  • Lesson 17 — Airports
  • Lesson 18 — Commercial Airlines
  • Lesson 19 — Hotel Companies
  • Lesson 20 — Car Companies
  • Lesson 21 — Rail Companies
  • Lesson 22 — Introduction to Aircraft Types
  • Lesson 23 — Aircraft Types
  • Lesson 24 — What is Sabre?
  • Lesson 25 — Associated Optional Services (Air Extras)
  • Lesson 26 — Intro to Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs)
  • Lesson 27 — Sabre and the Air Transport Industry
  • Lesson 28 — Sabre GDS Basics
  • Lesson 29 — The Sabre Passenger Name Record (PNR) II
  • Lesson 30 — Sabre Flight Availability I
  • Lesson 31 — Sabre Flight Availability II, Point and Click
  • Lesson 32 — Sabre PNR Creation I
  • Lesson 33 — Sabre PNR Creation II
  • Lesson 34 — Sabre Itinerary Pricing and Optional Services
  • Lesson 35 — Sabre Ticketing
  • Lesson 36 — Intro to Departure Control Systems for Sabre Users
  • Lesson 37— Sabre Course Review and Exam Prep

Final Assessment Exam on Sabre Emulator 

Assessments & Practice

This course is 100% practical and hands-on.  Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt.  To  access to the Sabre System includes a personal login to sign on/off the reservation emulator to start training. 

The course includes:

An agent sign on and sign off login

30 Hours of study 

37 Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress 

Final assessments for all areas on the  Sabre Exam Emulator 

•Dedicated tutor support throughout your course 



You will receive 2 certificates

Sabre Airline and Travel Reservations with Industry Terminology

Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate 

An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.  This is a professional certification recognised by the Travel and Aviation industry.


This course is for prospective employees wanting to work in the Airport environment. The Amadeus Airline/Travel Reservation Professional Systems course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Airport Ticket Desk 
  • Airline Reservations 
  • Airline Call Centre
  • Airline Reservation Agent
  • Fares Desk Agent 
  • Business Travel Consultant 
  • Travel Consultant 

What a great way of gaining the right Professional qualification recognised by the industry to start your career.