Airport Facilities & Procedures Home Study Course
Airport Facilities & Procedures Home Study Course
Airport Facilities & Procedures Home Study Course

Airport Facilities & Procedures Home Study Course

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Decided to work in the airport environment but not sure about the procedures or facilities operation. As travellers we are very limited to the awareness of the airport environment and how it works from check-in to the actual services available for the passenger. However, most of the procedures are operational and are behind the scenes in order for the passenger processes to flow and board their flight safety.  

If you are considering to work in the airport environment, this particular short course will enlighten you with the terminal operations in the airport environment.  If any of these procedures are implemented incorrectly, this can cause flight delays with the knock-off-effects of airlines incurring additional fees and passenger airfares will increase

So, gain the knowledge required before seeking employment in the airport environment and contribute to the smooth running of an airport though gaining knowledge and the skills required. 


Course content 

Module 1

  • The airport 
  • Functional areas and airport passengers 
  • Airport passenger facilities 
  • Airline facilities 
  • The airport lounge 
  • Introduction to security 
  • Airport check-in 
  • Passport & visit checks 
  • Baggage handling systems 
  • Baggage allowances 
  • Reasons for baggage restrictions 
  • Baggage charges 
  • Items not allowed for transit 
  • Dangerous goods
  • Regulations of firearms 
  • The flight journey 
  • Problems en route
  • Work tracer system
  • Customs


Module 2

  • Different roles 
  • The Check-in Agent
  • Valid documents
  • Allocating passenger seating 
  • Immigration officers
  • customs officers 
  • Air traffic controllers
  • ground handling agent 
  • Communication 
  • Providing gate departure and arrival 
  • handling missing passengers 
  • Handling unfit or incapable passengers
  • Sorting passengers to an aircraft 
  • Dealing with arrivals 


Module 3

  • Hazards
  • Causes of accidents, mishaps and injures 
  • Airside safety 
  • Security 
  • Security checks at the gate
  • baggage facilities department 
  • Missing baggage 
  • Emergency procedures 
  • Legal requirements 


Module 4

  • Different airlines 
  • Aircraft types 
  • Aircraft seating 


Course materials include

Materials to study, exercises and certification



The Airport Facilities & Procedures course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Ground handling agent 
  • Passenger service host 
  • Lounge services 
  • Meet & greet passenger services 
  • Arrival and Transfer services 
  • Departure gate services
  • Customs 

Your course includes Course Materials, Personal Tutor Support & Guidance, and Certification.