Payment Plans



With it is now easy  and affordable to offer payment plans so you are able to spread the cost of the purchase over a period of time depending on your course. is a completely safe and effective way to allow you to make a deposit and monthly payments. Simply add your  chosen course through to the  final stages of the enrolment process (checkout) click on the payment button.  If you do not have a account, you will be required to create one.   You will  to asked to pay an initial non refundable deposit and the balance will be due to be paid on a monthly basis depending on the course select of either 3 to 9 months.  If you wish to pay your balance off before the payment plan ends, you can do this by logging in to your account and follow the instructions to pay.  


If you decide to use the payment plan option, your course will be split into 3 or 9 parts according to your instalments.  Once we receive your initial deposit, the first part of your course detail will be sent to you, subsequent to your next instalment, the second part of your course will be sent to you, this will continue until you have made your final instalment. 

Courses with instalment plan options are based on the guided learning hours required and therefore matches you instalment plan.  Please note certificates will be processed once the final instalment is made. 


We are happy to accept payments between the initial deposit of you payment plan and the balance with via credit or debit card.  You will need to email us when you are ready to generate a custom payment plan.  


With our payment plans no credit search or application will be made, just to register an account with 


Please note: We charge an admin fee for all of our payment plan of £25.00 with  All deposits are non-refundable. 


If you have any enquiries regarding our payment plans, please contact us.