Airport Customer/Passenger Service Professional  - (Advance) - Platinum Level
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Airport Customer/Passenger Service Professional  - (Advance) - Platinum Level
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Airport Customer/Passenger Service Professional - (Advance) - Platinum Level

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Do you want a job at the Airport? Would like to work at Airport Check-In? Would you like to work as a Customer Service Agent? 

*PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE WITH PARTIAL.LY INTEREST-FREE FROM £70.00 per  Month after initial payment, find details at the check-out to find out your payment options. 


As a Airport Passenger Service Agent you are expected to provide the highest standard of customer service at all times and portray the airline's image at all times.  This course is for candidates that wish to elevate their career or are considering to equip their skills-set to meet the needs of well-established airlines in order to ensure that the candidate goes above and beyond customer satisfaction.  

 The  Advance Airport Passenger Service Agent course identifies with the different functions and duties in an advance role.  This includes familiarising with airline products and services, issues tickets, issuing excess baggage charges, calculating airfares, reissuing airfares, knowledge of Reservation and Check in Systems and awareness of the Airline Industry.  This course is split into five parts with the following area: 

Part 1: Airline Reservations

The course is covered in two parts, starting with Airline Reservations with particularly focus on Coding and Encoding, Flight  and Seating Availability, Return Availability, Schedule Information, Special Service Request,  Frequent Flyer and Passenger Information plus much more…

Part 2: Fares, Ticketing and pricing

Fares, Pricing, Ticketing, and Electronic Miscellaneous Document. The GDS training course  provides the knowledge to learn Airlines Fares, Availability, Fare Rules, Airline Pricing and lastly Miscellaneous Document.

Part 3: Ticket Exchange

The online Fares and Ticketing Level 2 training is Ticket Exchange focusing on reissuing, revalidation, penalties and issuing new tickets with related documentation.  Ticket exchange one of the most important aspects of Ticketing when working at the Airport at the Ticketing Desk.  Most recently a well established  airline had to training all customer/passenger  service agents on the concept of Ticket Exchange.

Part 4: Airport Departure Control System Altea (DCS)

The Altea DCS is used by over 30 well-established scheduled airlines across the world and in many cases is one the requirements to  employment is to have knowledge or experience of the Altea DCS system.  This course gives practical hands-on experience  to equip the skills needed for this great career.  It entails the Fundamental  of Airline or Ground Handlers knowledge to process passengers at the Airport Check in Desk such as  checking in passengers, issuing boarding passes, baggage tags, assign seating, service request for passenger and much more...

Part 5: Airport Customer Service Operations

The Airport Customer Service Agent (CSA) Course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills for working in the airport environment.   You learn the role of Airport Customer Service Agent step by step and cover all aspects from when the passenger walk inside the airport and approaches the check in desk to issuing of the boarding pass.  The course is broken-down into 18 chapters the Customer Service element and the actual role of the Passenger Service Agent, which is much more practical.  This course covers a number of elements that will enhance your opportunities  of employment  within the aviation industry.

    For the different part you will explore the following modules and gain skills in Airline  Reservation, Ticketing and Airport Check-in Departure Control. 

    Part 1: Airlines Reservations - GDS: Amadeus

    • Introduction, Sign In and Out, Work Areas
    • Encode and Decode
    • Introduction to the PNR
    • PNR Redisplay, Displaying PNR SubFields
    • Timetables, Flight Details
    • Flight Availability, Return Availability, Schedules information
    • Booking Seats from Availability
    • Creating and Ending a complete PNR
    • Cancel and Changing Mandatory PNR Elements
    • Mailing Address and Billing Address Elements
    • General Remark and OSI Elements
    • SSR Elements, Passenger Information Elements, Frequent Flyer Elements
    • SSR Elements, with Child, Infant, Unaccompanied Minor Passenger Data
    • Cancel and Changing Optional PNR Elements
    • Advance Seating Requests
    • Seat Maps
    • Request Specific Seats, Specific Seat Wish, Modify
    • Calculator and Currency Functions,
    • Building Connections  and Minimum Connect Times
    • Advanced  Flight Availability
    • Direct Sell, Waitlist, Open/ARNK/Passive Segments
    • PNR Claim
    • Split PNR
    • Non-Homogeneous PNRs
    • Customer Profiles
    • Queue Count, Queue Placement, Option Element
    • Queue Access/Exit, Remove/Delay Queued PNRs
    • Segment Status, Schedule Change, Waitlist Assurance

    Final Assessment Exam - Emulator

    Part 3: Fares and Ticketing - GDS: Amadeus

    Fares, Pricing, Ticketing, and Electronic Miscellaneous Document…course Includes...

    • Lesson 1 — Basic Fare displays, carrier specific fares
    • Lesson 2 — Fare displays for specific dates
    • Lesson 3 — Additional fare display options
    • Lesson 4 — Fare display follow up entries
    • Lesson 5 — Fare notes
    • Lesson 6 — Itinerary Pricing
    • Lesson 7 — Best Buy Pricing
    • Lesson 8 — Stored Itinerary Pricing
    • Lesson 9 — Pricing Options
    • Lesson 10 — PNR Fare Elements
    • Lesson 11 — Ticketing
    • Lesson 12 — Ticket Exchange and Refunds.

    Final Examination - Amadeus Simulated Emulator


    Part 4: GDS Fares and Ticketing  - GDS: Amadeus

    Ticket Exchange…course includes

    • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Ticket Exchange
    • • Lesson 2 - Electronic Ticket Records (ETRs)
    • • Lesson 3 - Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs)
    • • Lesson 4 - Fare Research for Ticket Exchange
    • • Lesson 5 - Research multiple Fare Basis Codes 
    • • Lesson 6 - Ticket Changer Basic
    • • Lesson 7 - Revalidation and Reissues
    • • Lesson 8 - Exchange with Penalty fees
    • • Lesson 9 - Exchange with Residual Values
    • • Lesson 10 - Non-Standard Exchange
    • • Lesson 11 - Electronic Ticket Records - (Changer/ETRs)
    • • Lesson 12 - Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (Changer/EMDs)
    • • Lesson 13 - Fare Research for Ticket Exchange
    • • Lesson 14 - Research Multiple Fare Basis Codes

    Final Assessment Exam

    Part 4: Airport Customer Service Operations

    This course covers 18 modules from the role of a Airport Customer Service Agent to the recruitment process when apply for jobs roles.  You will be studying the following modules:

    • Module 1 - Course Introduction
    • Module 2 - The Airport Customer Service Role
    • Module 3 - The Airport Environment
    • Module 4 - Airport Customer Service
    • Module 5 - Aviation Encoding and Decoding 
    • Module 6 - Aviation Terminology
    • Module 7 - Aviation Geography
    • Module 8 - Airline Characteristics
    • Module 9 - Ticketing Coding Information
    • Module 10 - The Baggage Process
    • Module 11 - Check in Process Scenario
    • Module 12 - The Boarding Process
    • Module 13 - The Arrival Process
    • Module 14 - Specific Needs Passengers
    • Modules 15 - Passenger Announcements
    • Module 16 - Recruitment Process 1
    • Module 17 - Recruitment Process 2
    • Module 18 - Aviation Recruitment Assessments

    Part  5: Airport Departure Control System Altea (DCS)

    • Lesson 1 - 24-Hour Clock
    • Lesson 2 - Time Zones
    • Lessons 3/4 - Airport and City Codes
    • Lesson 5 - Major Worldwide Airports
    • Lesson 6 - Commercial Airlines
    • Lesson 7 - Aircraft Manufacturers
    • Lesson 8 - Aircraft Types
    • Lesson 9 - Airline Hubs
    • Lesson 10 - Major Airport Codes
    • Lesson 11 - Customer Management
    • Lesson 12 - Customer Management  - Check-in
    • Lesson 13 - Customer Management  - Single Check-in
    • Lesson 14 - Customer Management  - Multi-Passenger Check-in
    • Lesson 15 - Customer Management  - Cancel Check-in
    • Lesson 16 - Customer Management  - Group Check-in
    • Lesson 17 - Customer Management  - Seating
    • Lesson 18 - Customer Management  - Seating Maps
    • Lesson 19  - Customer Management  - Passenger Data
    • Lesson 20 - Customer Management - Service Requests
    • Lesson 21 - Customer Management  - Frequent Flyer Data
    • Lesson 22 - Customer Management  - Customer Comments
    • Lesson 23 - Customer Management  - Infant Passengers
    • Lesson 24 - Customer Management - E-Tickets
    • Lesson 25 - Customer Management - Creating Bookings

    Final Exam on Amadeus Emulator

    Freeform on Amadeus Altea DCS Emulator

    You will receive 4 certificates:

    • Airport Customer Service Operations 
    • Industry recognised Certificate  - GDS Amadeus Airline Reservations, Pricing, Ticketing and Exchange 
    • Airport Check in System Amadeus Altea Departure Control Systems (DCS)
    • Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate Notification 
    • Notification of Topics Learnt 

    At Exodus Travel Careers & Training we treat each student as an individual by ensuring that all receive the assistance required while on the course. We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to find out how you are getting on with the course even if you do not contact us. We also assist in finding employment with your career interest and provide you expert knowledge of what major organisations are look for in your chosen career path. Your time with us will be tailored to your needs to ensure you gain the best possible success on your course and seeking your career.