Running Your Own Travel Agency -  Distance Learning Course
Running Your Own Travel Agency -  Distance Learning Course
Running Your Own Travel Agency -  Distance Learning Course
Running Your Own Travel Agency -  Distance Learning Course
Running Your Own Travel Agency -  Distance Learning Course

Running Your Own Travel Agency - Distance Learning Course

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Have you ever consider starting your own travel agency when retail or online? Do you have a great idea, but not sure how to go about it?  Would you like to open your own travel agency, but your not sure of the planning and preparations to make your idea turn to a viable success? We will guide and support you through this process. The package we offer our candidates is a great starting point to the skills and knowledge required to start and even the licensing requirements.  Within six months you would be on your way forward of owning your own agency. This course is for those who are really passionate about owning a travel business.  If you already have a client based or is hoping to attract a new market  we will adopt an approach that complements your business idea. 

The Course Includes...

The Business Start Up course entails all the skills required for a successful business

Airfares and Ticketing Level 1...

You will gain the following competences and knowledge of:

  • Identify parts of a passenger’s journey
  • Identify cities and counties related to IATA areas & sub-areas
  • Identify global indicators for passenger routings
  • Select quotation of specific passenger routes and select the best fares
  • Construct convent and round the worldwide currencies using rates of exchange
  • Construct and price one way, return and circle trip routes using normal fares
  • Interpret data entries on electronic tickets
  • Identify applicable taxes, fees and charges for specific passenger journeys
  • Calculate child and infant fares

    Airline and Travel Computerised Reservations System  - Chose from systems: wherever your target market  - GDS Amadeus, Galileo, WorldSpan or Sabre.

    *Additional Option available to be trained on Eurostar Reservation system (Extended training). 

    * Additional Option Available to be trained on Business Travel Reservation System (additional online training by Business Travel Operator). 

    A real-time booking system to confirm flights, hotels, car hire and visa and passport information for your customers. Using the simulated training system includes:

    The course includes...

    • An agent sign on and sign off login
    • 40 hours allocated time to complete your course within 6 months to access your account and practice outside of your course
    • 24 Lessons and 5 Drills (Quizzes)
    • Student Workbook to enhance, reinforce and practice your training 
    • Final assessment on the entire course
    • An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.
    • *Business travel option - trained on an additional system either - Amadeus or Sabre a further 90 hours of training. 

    Assessments & Practice...

    • There are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. This computerised reservation training course - Galileo includes a personal log in to sign on and sign off the Galileo emulator reservation system to gain access and start training.

    Licensing Application - Protect your customers...

    Protecting your customers is essential for you and your customers whether they have booked a flight or holiday having that peace of mind to know they have booked with an agency that they can trust. Therefore, support is required for licensing applications. We will discuss your options pertaining to your business idea and find a suitable licensing for you and your customers. 

    Preparing a Marketing Strategy & Business planning...

    Marketing is a key element to any business, this is why it is important to ensure the you know the marketplace, your competitors, your customers and knowledge of the travel product you are offering.  Your business plan and marketing strategy will cover all of these aspects and will help you plan for today and in the future by one of our expect tutors, who has had the pleasure of running her own agency.  


     Course Schedule...

    Your course is divided into a *26-week programme and is schedule to meet the needs of running a travel agency an examples as follows:

    • 8 weeks to  study - Airfares and Ticketing Course 
    • 2 Weeks to study - Introduction to Airline Computerised Reservation System 
    • 10/12 Weeks to study - Simulated online training Galileo Airline Computerised Reservation System 
    • 4/6 Weeks to prepare - Marketing strategy and business planning 
    • 4/6 Weeks to apply - Licensing application 

    * Please note: this is an ideal schedule to illustrate how you would be able to proceed to open your own travel agency within six months.  However, this is a guideline and the course can work around your own commitments with you and your tutor you are able to design your own schedule to suit your needs.

    After successfully completing your course, you will receive six months continuous guidance and support to discuss progress on your business plans.

    Course fees include Materials, Examination, Certification  and Tutor Support. You will receive certificates for the following professional worldwide  recognised qualifications  - Galileo, Airfares and Ticketing.  

    *Optional  - There is an option to continue studying for Level 3 Airfares & Ticketing & Business Travel courses, please enquiry for further details.  This is only useful if you are going to also consider business travel customers. 

    *Course fees include materials,  examination and certification.

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