GDS Demo Training Course: AMADEUS Airport Check-In System  - Departure Control
GDS Demo Training Course: AMADEUS Airport Check-In System  - Departure Control
GDS Demo Training Course: AMADEUS Airport Check-In System  - Departure Control

GDS Demo Training Course: AMADEUS Airport Check-In System - Departure Control

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You might be familiarise or even unaware of the key professional systems used to Check-in Passengers, to make Airline Reservations and to book key Travel Products such  as Hotel and Car hire for Customers both Leisure and Business purposes.  Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment is offering 2 hours demonstration course for students wishes to trial the Check-In System used at Airport by Ground Handling Companies and Airlines. 


This  training courses provide you with a starting point of leading GDS systems  used in the Airport and Airline Industries. The initial idea of these courses is to equip students with GDS training, which is essential for those wishing to enter any of the above industries as these are used worldwide. 

After completing your demonstration course, you will decide if you wish to purse the full GDS professional training course at discounted rate. 

****Once you have completed your Demo course and decide to pursue the Full Check In or Reservation course, your demo course fee (£37.00) will contribute towards the  cost of your Full training course. Once you have completed your demo course, you will automatically receive a discount code of £37.00 to apply at the check out area.

This course is aimed at any wishing to work at the Airport  or for an Airline. 


If you are not quite sure on which career path to pursue in any of these industries, why not enrol on two demonstration (Demo) courses, for example, 'I would like to work at the Airport'...- Enrol onto the Amadeus Airport Check-In System course. 'Also, I might consider to be a Travel Agent'... - Also, enrol onto the Amadeus Airline Reservations course inclusive of Eurostar Reservation training.


This course provides you with hands-on practice on the Amadeus DCS 2-hour training in the following topics inclusive of Customer Management features: 

  • Industry standards 

  • Travel Service Provides 

  • Aircraft Types 

  • Aircraft manufacturers 

  • Airline Geography 

  • Customer Management: Departure Control 

  • Customer Management: Check In

  • Customer Management: Seating 

  • Customer Management: Special Service Request 

  • Customer Management: Customer Information 

  • Customer Management: Infant Passengers 

  • Customer Management: E-Tickets 

  • Customer Management: Passenger Itinerary 

  • Customer Management: Create Bookings


The demonstration training course includes on GDS Training courses:

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 2 hours of a GDS system of your choice
  • Up to 30 days from your first login 
  • Dedicated tutor support 


Once you have completed your Full GDS course, you will receive An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System (GDS) Training from Viasinc.  This is a professional certification recognised by the Travel and Aviation industry. 


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At Exodus Travel Training & Recruitment our courses are to meet the requirements of the industry for well established airlines to ensure knowledge and familiarity at the start of your career. You will be able to enhance your opportunities of employment with the technical knowledge  learnt on this course and gain a foothold within the industry.

Enrol today and start working towards a sustainable career in the Aviation Industry.