Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level
Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level
Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level
Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level
Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level
Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level

Airport Customer/Passenger Services - Silver Level

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Most airport and airline organisations focus on the importance of customer services because without people the objectives of the organisation will not be met.  This is why it is important for an organisation needs to be sustainable and ensure that their staff are professional at all time regardless of the situations that might occur. This includes to have respect towards others and exceed expectations to customers and deliver  excellent customer services at all times.  

Our Airport Customer Course provides the skills and knowledge on passenger care while working in the airport environment.   

At Exodus Travel Careers & Training we treat each student as an individual by ensuring that all receive the assistance required while on the course. We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to find out how you are getting on with the course even if you do not contact us. We also assist in finding employment with your career interest and provide you expert knowledge of what major organisations are look for in your chosen career path. Your time with us will be tailored to your needs to ensure you gain the best possible success on your course and seeking your career.  You will gain the following competences and knowledge of:

Course content 

This course is split into two parts:

Part 1: Airport Check in Customer Services

Course Modules 

This course covers 18 modules from the role of a Airport Customer Service Agent to the recruitment process when apply for jobs roles.  You will be studying the following modules:

Module 1 - Course Introduction 

Module 2 - The Airport Customer Service Role 

Module 3 - The Airport Environment

Module 4 - Airport Customer Service 

Module 5 - Aviation Encoding and Decoding  

Module 6 - Aviation Terminology 

Module 7 - Aviation Geography 

Module 8 - Airline Characteristics 

Module 9 - Ticketing Coding Information 

Module 10 - The Baggage Process 

Module 11 - Check in Process Scenario 

Module 12 - The Boarding Process 

Module 13 - The Arrival Process 

Module 14 - Specific Needs Passengers 

Modules 15 - Passenger Announcements 

Module 16 - Recruitment Process 1 

Module 17 - Recruitment Process 2 

Module 18 - Aviation Recruitment Assessments 

Once completed and gained familiarity with ticketing procedures, you will move onto the GDS System Amadeus giving you industry Hands-on practical training in the following modules. 


Part 2

  • The Amadeus Airline Reservations

Airlines Reservations  - Intermediate Level 

Lesson 1-1 — Introduction, Sign In and Out, Work Areas
Lesson 2 — Encode and Decode
Lesson 3 — Introduction to the PNR
Lesson 4 — PNR Redisplay, Displaying PNR SubFields
Lesson 5 — Timetables, Flight Details
Lesson 6 — Flight Availability, Return Availability, Schedules information
Lesson 7 — Booking Seats from Availability
Lesson 8 — Name Elements, Contact Elements
Lesson 9 — Ticketing Element, Received-From Element
Lesson 10 — Creating and Ending a complete PNR
Lesson 11 — Cancel and Changing Mandatory PNR Elements
Lesson 12 — Mailing Address and Billing Address Elements
Lesson 13 — General Remark and OSI Elements
Lesson 14 — SSR Elements, Passenger Information Elements, Frequent Flyer Elements
Lesson 15 — Cancel and Changing Optional PNR Elements
Lesson 16 — Advance Seating Requests
Lesson 17 — Seat Maps
Lesson 18 — Request Specific Seats, Specific Seat Wish, Modify
Lesson 19 — Calculator and Currency Functions, Minimum Connect Times
Lesson 20 — Help system
Reservation 1 - Exam Final Assessment Exam on  Emulator

Part 3 

  • The Amadeus Airline Reservations
Amadeus Airline Reservations - Advance Level

Lesson 1 — Advanced Availability Entries
Lesson 2 — Access Types
Lesson 3 — Direct Sell, Waitlist, Open/ARNK/Passive Segments
Lesson 4 — PNR Claim
Lesson 5 — Split PNR
Lesson 6 — Non-Homogeneous PNRs
Lesson 7 — Customer Profiles
Lesson 8 — Queue Count, Queue Placement, Option Element
Lesson 9 — Queue Access/Exit, Remove/Delay Queued PNRs
Lesson 10 — Segment Status, Schedule Change, Waitlist Assurance
Reservation 2 - Final Assessment Exam - Emulator


Assessment and Practice for Airline Reservations

This course is 100% practical and hands-on.  Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt.  To  access to the  Amadeus System includes a personal login to sign on/off the reservation emulator to start training. 


The Amadeus Airline Reservation course includes:

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 20 Hours of study 
  • Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress 
  • Final assessments for all three areas of the course known as Exam Emulators 
  • Support & guidance throughout your course 

You will gain the following proficiencies and competences of...

  • Identify cities and counties related to IATA areas and Sub-areas
  • Familiarise with airline coding and decoding 
  • Acknowledge passenger routings and worldwide geography 
  • Interpret data entries on electronic tickets
  • Familiarise with Passenger special request codes 
  • Familiarise with Airline carriers coding and decoding 
  • Identify and interpret airline fare structures
  • Identify baggage allowance coding 
  • Identify airline excess baggage charges 
  • Airline Reservations 
  • Checking and interpreting airline fare availability and much more....

You will also receive an 'Air Travel Appendix' inclusive of...

  • Airline coding and decoding
  • Three letter codes coding and decoding
  • Aircraft codes
  • Country state codes
  • Baggage allowance codes
  • Abbreviations and Definitions used in the airline industry
  • 45 Page Booklet - Applying  for a Job in Aviation.

Who is this course for? 

Anyone seeking a career in an airport environment.


Entry requirements: 



The Airport Customer Service course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Airport Information Desk 
  • Passenger Service Assistance
  • Passenger Ambassador
  • Customer Service Host
  • Meet & Greet Assistant
  • Arrival and Transfer Assistant
  • Passenger Reduce Mobility Assistant  
  • Airport Lounge Agent 

Your course includes Course Materials, Personal Tutor Support & Guidance, and Certification.  

 Pass Candidates testimonies 

# 'I got the job woohoo as a Customer Services Agent - Thank you for your help - Exodus' - Joanna -