Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations Professional  - APOLLO (Advance Level)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations Professional  - APOLLO (Advance Level)

Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations Professional - APOLLO (Advance Level)

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Welcome to the world of professionalism  for the Travel & Airline industry!

Do  you want to learn Apollo Reservation System at a more comprehensive level from the confront of your own home, no matter where you are in the world you live

This worldwide recognised qualification and training required by many travel, airline and airport industry leading employers gives candidates to gain competence in booking airline, hotel and car hire, travel agents, tour operators, railways and other travel services to book and create reservations. In addition to this, air travel information, passport, visas and health for worldwide destinations for customers and passengers allowing the agent to gather live accurate information from all service providers.

This  e-learning training course allows the agent to confidently check the emulated Amadeus (Immediate)  availability with airlines, hotels and car hire companies and book reservations with great efficiency. This globally recognised computerised reservations system would ensure that you the agent is confident, well-trained and qualified to gain advantage to a foothold in the travel industry with well equipped career skills and confidentially book reservations for passengers, customers and clients for established organisations.



For Apollo Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations includes: 


    This course provides you with hands-on practice in the following: 

    Airline Reservations Module 1
    Lesson 1-1 — Introduction, Sign In and Out
    Lesson 2 — Encode and Decode
    Lesson 3 - Timetable Display & Return Timetable
    Lesson 4 - Availability changes entries, alliances and low cost carriers
    Lesson 4 - Schedule Displays
    Lesson 5 - Book flights from availability
    Lesson 6 - Priority waitlist from availability
    Lesson 7 - Passenger Name Record Review
    Lesson 8 - Similar Passenger Name Record List
    Lesson 9 - Passenger Name Record Elements
    Lesson 10 - Create & Complete Passenger Name Record
    Lesson 11- Passenger Name Record with Multiple Passengers
    Lesson 12 - Passenger Name Record with Remarks or Other Service Info
    Lesson 13- Passenger Name Record with Special Service Requests
    Lesson 14 - Passenger Name Record with Frequent Flyer
    Lesson 15 -Passenger Name Record with Seating Messages
    Lesson 16 - Passenger Name Record Creation Forms of Payment
    Lesson 17 - Passenger Name Record Creation OSI Messages
    Lesson 18 - Passenger Name Record Creation Service Request Messages
    Lesson 19 - Passenger Name Record Security Information
    Lesson 20 - Passenger Name Record Addresses
    Lesson 21 - Seat Maps
    Lesson 22- Assign Specific Seat Maps
    Lesson 23 - Seat Assigned by Preference
    Lesson 24 - Itinerary Modification - Cancel Segments
    Lesson 25 - Itinerary Modification - Rebook Segments
    Lesson 26 - Itinerary Modification - Rebook for New Bookings Codes
    Lesson 27 - Passenger Name Record Cancelling Elements
    Lesson 28 - Passenger Name Record Changing Elements
    Lesson 29 - Availability Access Types
    Lesson 30 - Building Connections and Minimum Connections Times
    Lesson 31 - Fare Display Overview
    Lesson 32 - Multi-Airline Fare Displays
    Lesson 33 - Carrier Specific Fare Displays
    Lesson 34 - Introduction to Fare Notes
    Lesson 35 - Itinerary Pricing
    Lesson 36 - Itinerary Best Buy
    Lesson 37 - Introduction to Ticketing
    Lesson 38 - Queues count & Placement
    Lesson 39 - Queues Access
    Lesson 40 - References & Sources
    And much more…

    Airline Reservations Module 2
    Lesson 1 — Advanced Availability Entries
    Lesson 2 — Access Types
    Lesson 3 — Direct Sell, Waitlist, Open/ARNK/Passive Segments
    Lesson 4 — PNR Claim
    Lesson 5 — Split PNR
    Lesson 6 — Non-Homogeneous PNRs
    Lesson 7 — Customer Profiles
    Lesson 8 — Queue Count, Queue Placement, Option Element
    Lesson 9 — Queue Access/Exit, Remove/Delay Queued PNRs
    Lesson 10 — Segment Status, Schedule Change, Waitlist Assurance
    And much more…

    Module 3 - Automated Fares and Ticketing
    Lesson 1 — Basic Fare displays, carrier specific fares
    Lesson 2 — Fare displays for specific dates
    Lesson 3 — Additional fare display options
    Lesson 4 — Fare display follow up entries
    Lesson 5 — Fare notes
    Lesson 6 — Itinerary Pricing
    Lesson 7 — Best Buy Pricing
    Lesson 8 — Stored Itinerary Pricing
    Lesson 9 — Pricing Options
    Lesson 10 — PNR Fare Elements
    Lesson 11 — Ticketing
    Lesson 12 — Issuing Electronic Miscellaneous Documents
    Lesson 13 — Ticket Exchange and Refund
    Lesson 14 — Ancillary Services
    Lesson 15 — Associated Electronic Miscellaneous Documents 
    Lesson 16 — Standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Document 
    And much more…

    Module 4 - Car Hire Reservations
    Lesson 1 — Car Location Lists
    Lesson 2 — Display and Book from Multi-Company Car Availability
    Lesson 3 — Display and Book from Single-Company Car Availability
    Lesson 4 — Direct Car Availability Entries
    Lesson 5 — Car Availability Options
    Lesson 6 — Car Sell Options and Direct Car Sell
    Lesson 7 — Car Segment Modify Entries
    Lesson 8 — Car Rate Features, Car Terms, Car Policy
    And much more…

    Module 5 - Hotel Reservations
    Lesson -1 — Hotel Location Lists
    Lesson 2 — Display Multi-Property Hotel Availability
    Lesson 3 — Display and Book from Single Property Hotel Availability
    Lesson 4 — Direct Hotel Availability Entries
    Lesson 5 — Hotel Display Options
    Lesson 6 — Hotel Points of Reference
    Lesson 7 — Hotel Features Entries
    Lesson 8 — Hotel Sell Options and Chain-Specific Help Pages
    Lesson 9 — Booking a Hotel Directly and from a Location List
    Lesson 10 — Change, Add to, Delete from, and Cancel Hotel Segments And much more…


    Final Examination for each Module using the Amadeus Simulated Emulator

    Assessments & Practice

    • This course is 100% practical and hands-on. Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. Amadeus Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservations Professional Systems training course - includes a personal log in to sign on and sign off the professional emulator.

    The course includes:

    • An agent sign on and sign off login
    • 90 Hours of study 
    • Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress 
    • Final assessments for all three areas of the course known as Exam Emulators 
    • Assigned dedicated tutor support throughout your course 


    An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.  This is a professional certification recognised by the Travel and Aviation industry. 

    You will receive 3 certificates:
    Viasinc Certification for Apollo
    Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate
    Notification of Topics Learnt

    Intended Career paths

    At this advance  level the Amadeus  Airline/Travel Reservation Professional Systems course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

    • Airport Ticket Desk 
    • Airline Reservations 
    • Airline Call Centre
    • Airline Sales 
    • Airline Reservation Agent
    • Fares Desk Agent 
    • Business Travel Consultant 
    • Travel Consultant 
    • Special Interest Travel Consultant 

    What a great way of gaining the right qualifications to start your career and gain a wealth of knowledge, industry terminology and skills ready for an Ticketing career path.

    Our 'One Stop' Courses- Heading you in the right direction for a sustainable career.