Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)
Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)

Airline Ticketing and Travel Reservation Systems - GALILEO (Intermediate)

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Do  you want to learn Galileo Reservation System from the confront of your own home, no matter where you are in the world you live. 

This worldwide recognised qualification and training required by many Travel, Airline and Airport  well established leading employers of the industry. The Galileo Reservation System gives candidates to gain competence in booking Airline, Hotel and Car Hire, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Railways and other Travel Services to book and create Reservations. This course allows the Airline or Travel Agent to confidently check the emulated Galileo availability with Airlines, Hotels and Car Hire companies and book Reservations with great efficiency. This globally recognised computerised reservations system would ensure that you the agent is confident, well-trained and qualified to gain advantage to a foothold in the  industry  with well equipped career skills and confidentially book reservations for passengers, customers and clients for established organisations.

This course will give you access to the real Galileo system as it is used in the Travel and Aviation industry.   Once you have enrolled for the course, we will set you up with access and you will receive your Galileo System login details and instructions. 

The Galileo course is logically structured and begins by teaching you how to make a Reservation and gradually to more complex ending in the most complex of Reservations you can expect made in highly regarded Airlines or Travel organisations of the industry.  

What is covered in the course? 

This course provides you with hands-on practice in the following: 

Lessons 1

  • Sign onto Galileo
  • Sign off Galileo 
  • Encoding a cities, airports and airlines 
  • Decoding cities, airports and airlines 

Lesson 2

  • Display a booking file 
  • Read a booking file 
  • Identify the five essential elements of a booking file 
  • Ignore a booing file
  • Retrieving a customer booking 

Lesson 3

  • Display flight timetable s
  • Display light availability 
  • Identify flights availability and timetables
  • Interpret flight displays 
  • Booking last seat availability
  • Checking airlines specific availability 

Lesson 4

  • Check return airline availability 
  • Display flight details 
  • Display advance availability 
  • Change follow ups availability 

Lesson 5

  • Booking a flight
  • Create passenger details field 
  • Create ticketing Field
  • Building a complete booking file 

Lesson 6

  • Build and completing a booking file for a passenger 

Lesson 7

  • Complete form of payment field 
  • Complete passenger contact details field 
  • Complete mileage membership field 
  • Create agent remarks in booking file 

Lesson 8

  • Identify the different between SSR & OSI
  • Create a Special Service Request (SSR) field 
  • Create Other Service Information (OSI) field 

Lesson 9

  • Booking file management 
  • Changing and deleting booking file data 
  • Cancelling, rebooking and inserting itinerary segments
  • Dividing passenger from booking files 

Lesson 10

  • Assigning passenger seating 
  • Changing and cancelling seating assignments

Lesson 11

  • Display airline seat maps 
  • Read decoding seating characteristics 
  • Assign passenger specific seat assignment 

Lesson 12

  • Interpret vehicle type car codes
  • Quote car hire 
  • book a car at the passenger’s destination 
  • read and update car rental reservation 

Lesson 13

  • Interpret car hire rules 
  • Interpret car hire policy 
  • Identify car hire segment modification 
  • Display car index information 

Lesson 14

  • Book a hotel at a passenger’s destination
  • Display a index of hotels information 
  • Display rate availability 
  • Display hotel booking rules 

Lesson 15

  • Display and read hotel descriptions 
  • Hotel booking modifiers

Lesson 16

  • Retrieve airfares tariffs
  • Interpret fare display 
  • Display fare notes 

Lesson 17

  • Price an itinerary
  • Find the lowest price for an itinerary
  • Interpret pricing and ticketing modifiers 

Lesson 18

  • Issue a ticket for a booking file 
  • Display a electronic ticket record (ETR)
  • interpret a electronic ticket record 

Lesson 19

  • Explain a booking file queue
  • Access a booking file queue
  • Reviewing booking file items

Lesson 20

  • Read flight status codes 
  • Changing segment status 
  • working thought a booking queue 

Lesson 21

  • Use calculator functions 
  • Convert currency 
  • Read flight minimum connecting times 

Lesson 22

  • Use HELP system 
  • Use Galileo Help System (GIS)
  • Use Map display system 

Lesson 23

  • Explain Travel Information Manual (TIM)
  • Access Travel Information Manual (TIM)

Lesson 24

  • Explain Travel Information Web (Timaticweb)
  • Access Travel Information Manual (TIM)

Assessments & Practice

This course is 100% practical and hands-on.  Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided  and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. The Galileo Systems Training includes a personal log in to sign on and sign off the Galileo emulator Reservation system to gain access and start training.

How much time do I need to complete the course?

The course is expected to take 45 hours to complete. 

We believe that eight weeks of full system access should be enough time to use the system to complete all the modules and have a enough time to practice.  The minimum expected study time invested by a student is 4 hours per week.  You can decide when or how long you want to study - the system is available to you 6 months from your first day of login. 

The course includes:

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 45 hours allocated time to complete your course within 6 months access your account and practice outside of your course
  • 24 Lessons and 5 Drills (Quizzes)
  • Student Workbook to enhance, reinforce and practice your training 
  • Final assessment on the entire course
  • Assigned a dedicated tutor to support you throughout your course 



An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.  This is a professional certification recognised by the Travel and Aviation industry. 

Career paths

The Galileo Airline/Travel Reservation Professional Systems course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Airport Ticket Desk 
  • Airline Reservations 
  • Airline Call Centre
  • Airline Reservation Agent
  • Fares Desk Agent 
  • Business Travel Consultant 
  • Travel Consultant 

Enrol today and start working towards a sustainable career in the Aviation and Travel Industries.