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Do you want to work in the Travel and Tourism Industry?  Have you every consider a career in Business Travel Agent or already a retail travel agent and wish to change career into business travel?  

Business travel is a sector that many do not consider and is one of the high level of travel products that are considered for clients. Besides organising travel products all year round and meeting business travellers needs an agent would have to adapt quickly to any changes that are made to meet the requirements of the client. 

While studying this course you will learn how business travel organisations operate, howe they meet their clients needs which is essential for those who wish to aspire to a career in business travel.  for this type of career a wealth of skills and knowledge is required due to the complexity of working in business travel environment. 

On this course is split into four parts and is a mixture of course materials and online training. 

Part 1,  You will be focusing on the different types of business travel operations, international business travel and developing business trips for clients. 

Part 2 -  Industry professional course Fares and ticketing  is required by all those who wish to purse a career in business travel. In some cases, its also a requirement for to apply for related positions. This course give you the opportunity to develop the understanding and knowledge of dealing with Air travel  and passenger complex itineraries stopping at various Destinations for a number of nights.

Part 3, You will receive practical training GDS system on how to book travel arrangements  inclusive of Airlines, Hotel and Car Hire Reservations for leisure and business passengers types.

Part 4 - You will now competent in using the GDS reservation system, you will now be trained on the simulated  business travel management systems  from one of the leading experts in business travel. 

 Part 1 

You will learn the underpinning knowledge of business travel and understand how the industry works with identify key components, the module focus are:

Module 1 - Business Travel Destinations 

Module 2 - Discounted airfares for business travel 

Module 3 - Ancillary business travel services 

Module 4 - Accommodation services for business travel 

Module 5 - Rail travel services for the business traveller 

Module 6 - Business travel financial services 

Module 7 - Business travel itineraries 

Module 8 - Information technology in business travel 

Module 9 - personal development skills

Final examination

For a career that is sustainable and would like to work for some of the most long standing Travel Agencies, Specialist Retail Travel or Tour Operators and the Business Travel companies,  Airline Fares & Ticketing is the course for you.  You will learner how to search, find and select the correct fare for different passenger scenarios, familiarise with Airline Geography, discover Airport City Codes for numerous Destinations around the World, the baggage allowance systems available to passengers and much more.  

Part 2 - Fares and Ticketing Level 1 Professional

You will gain the following competences and knowledge of:

  • Passenger Itinerary
  • Encode and Decode Airports/Cities, Airline
  • Encode  and Decode Country and Currency Codes
  • IATA Areas and Sub-Areas
  • Fare Basis Codes
  • Global Indicators for Passenger Routings
  • Interpret Fare Rules
  • Fare Quotation for Specific Passenger Routings
  • Best Special Fares for Passengers
  • Worldwide Currencies using Rates of Exchange
  • Normal Fares for One Way, Return and Circle Trip Routes using
  • Construct  Complex Passenger Fares
  • Data Entries on Electronic Tickets
  • Applicable Taxes, Fees and Charges for specific
  • Passenger Journeys
  • Baggage Allowance for the Passenger’s Journey
  • Calculate Child and Infant Fares
  • Electronic ticket Information
  • Automated Ticket and Boarding Passes
  • Multiple Purpose Documents 

Part 3 - Travel and Airline Reservations 

This course provides you with hands-on practice in the following with either any of the following GDS systems Sabre or Amadeus, including Airline, Hotel and Car Hire.  You will be receive your login details and be trained on the following:

This course provides you with hands-on practice in the following: 

  • Lesson 1— Introduction, Sign In and Out
  • Lesson 2 — Encode and Decode
  • Lesson 3 - Timetable Display & Return Timetable 
  • Lesson 4 - Availability Changes Entries, Alliances and Low Cost Carriers
  • Lesson 4 - Schedule Displays 
  • Lesson 5 - Book Flights from Availability 
  • Lesson 6 - Priority Waitlist from Availability 
  • Lesson 7 - Passenger Name Record Review 
  • Lesson 8 - Similar Passenger Name Record List 
  • Lesson 9 - Passenger Name Record Elements 
  • Lesson 10 - Create & Complete Passenger Name Record 
  • Lesson 11- Passenger Name Record with Multiple Passengers 
  • Lesson 12 - Passenger Name Record with Remarks or Other Service Info
  • Lesson 13- Passenger Name Record with Special Service Requests
  • Lesson 14 - Passenger Name Record with Frequent Flyer 
  • Lesson 15 -Passenger Name Record with Seating Messages 
  • Lesson 16 - Passenger Name Record Creation Forms of Payment 
  • Lesson 17 - Passenger Name Record Creation OSI Messages
  • Lesson 18 - Passenger Name Record Creation Service Request Messages
  • Lesson 19 - Passenger Name Record Security Information 
  • Lesson 20 - Passenger Name Record Addresses 
  • Lesson 21 - Seat Maps 
  • Lesson 22- Assign Specific Seat Maps 
  • Lesson 23 - Seat Assigned by Preference 
  • Lesson 24 - Itinerary Modification - Cancel Segments 
  • Lesson 25 - Itinerary Modification - Rebook Segments 
  • Lesson 26 - Itinerary Modification - Rebook for New Bookings Codes
  • Lesson 27 - Passenger Name Record Cancelling Elements 
  • Lesson 28 - Passenger Name Record Changing Elements 
  • Lesson 29 - Availability Access Types 
  • Lesson 30 - Building Connections and Minimum Connections Times 
  • Lesson 31 - Fare Display Overview 
  • Lesson 32 - Multi-Airline Fare Displays 
  • Lesson 33 - Carrier Specific Fare Displays 
  • Lesson 34 - Introduction to Fare Notes 
  • Lesson 35 - Itinerary Pricing 
  • Lesson 36 - Itinerary Best Buy 
  • Lesson 37 - Introduction to Ticketing 
  • Lesson 38 - Queues count & Placement 
  • Lesson 39 - Queues Access 
  • Lesson 40 - References & Sources 
  • Lesson 41 — Amadeus Hotels System Overview, Encode and Decode Hotels
  • Lesson 42 — Hotel Location Lists
  • Lesson 43 — Multi-Property Hotel Availability
  • Lesson 44 — Single-Property Hotel Availability and Hotel Reservations
  • Lesson 45 — Hotel Features and Hotel Pricing
  • Lesson 46 — Hotel Booking Qualifiers
  • Lesson 47 — Encode/Decode Cars, Vehicle Type Codes
  • Lesson 48 — Car Location Lists
  • Lesson 49— Multi-Company Car Availability and Rental Car Reservations
  • Lesson 50— Single-Company Car Availability and Rental Car Reservations
  • Lesson 51 — Single-Company Car Availability from Multi-Company Availability
  • Lesson 52 — Direct Car Availability
  • Lesson 53— Car Availability Options
  • Lesson 54 — Car Rate Features and Car Terms
  • Lesson 55 — Rental Car Policies
  • Final examination 

Part 4 - The Elements of Business Travel Management Professional 

  • Introduction - Why a Career in Business Travel
  • Module 1 - Worldwide Geography
  • Module 2 - 24-hour clock, Time zones, Airport city code
  • Module 3 - Types of Travel - Leisure & Business
  • Module 4 - Airports and Commercial Airlines
  • Module 5 - Travel providers: Hotel, Rail and Car Hire Companies
  • Module 6 - Travel Industry and Regulations - Governing bodies, Passports, Visas and other travel documentation
  • Module 7 - Customer Service Excellence for Business Travellers
  • Module 8 - Economics of Business Travel
  • Module 9 - Aircraft manufactures
  • Module 10 - Airline business models
  • Module 11 - Airline geography
  • Module 12 - Airline Journeys and contingency planning

The GDS courses  will cover the functions Interactivity, Simulation, and Scenario-Based Instruction Emulator System course give you the competence to check in passengers, seating arrangements, passenger data,  passenger itinerary updates in the format of Lessons, Quiz and Drills.  You will be competent in the following areas.

Assessment and Practice

This course is 100% practical and hands-on.  Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt.  This computerised reservation training course - Amadeus Altea Check In Departure Control System include a personal login to sign on/off to the Amadeus Altea emulator system to gain access and start training. 

How much time do I need to complete the course?

The course is expected to take 90 hours to complete. 

We believe that eight weeks of full system access should be enough time to use the system to complete all the modules and have a enough time to practice.  The minimum expected study time invested by a student is 4 hours per week.  You can decide when or how long you want to study - the system is available to you 6 months from your first day of login. 

The course includes...

  • E-learning course materials while on the go 
  • Certification on completion for both part 1 and 2
  • Business Travel Client Profiling scenarios-base practice 
  • Final assessment on the entire course
  • Assigned a dedicated tutor to support you throughout your course 

On completion...

An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.  This is a professional certification recognised by the Travel and Aviation industry. 

Once you have completed your course, you will receive 'Two Certificates', one for each course and Unitised Certificate illustrating to employers your knowledge and skills attained ready for employment within the industry.

Please note: You will also receive a 45 page 'Air Travel Appendix' inclusive of:

  • Worldwide Airline coding and decoding
  • Worldwide three letter codes coding and decoding
  • Aircraft codes
  • Country state codes
  • Baggage allowance codes
  • Abbreviations and Definitions used in the airline industry.

Career paths leading to...

The Airport Customer Service Professional  course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

  • Leisure and Business Travel Careers 
  • Introductory to Corporate Travel 
  • Introductory to Travel Management Companies 

Your course includes Course Materials, Personal Tutor Support & Guidance, and Certification.  

Our courses are the requirements of the industry and to meet the needs for well established airlines to ensure proficiency and high levels of competence at the start of your career. You will be able to gain employment with the technical knowledge and skills learnt on this course and gain a foothold within the industry of your choice.