Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)
Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)

Running Your Own Travel Agency - FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL CLIENTS (Amadeus User Only)

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Have you ever consider starting your own travel agency when retail or online? Do you have a great idea, but not sure how to go about it? Would like to attract leisure and business traveller passengers?  Would you like to open your own travel agency, but your not sure of the planning and preparations to make your idea turn to a viable success? We will guide and support you through this process. The package we offer our candidates is a great starting point to the skills and knowledge required to start and even the licensing requirements.  Within six months you would be on your way forward of owning your own agency. This course is for those who are really passionate about owning a travel business.  If you already have a client based or is hoping to attract a new market  we will adopt an approach that complements your business idea.

*This particular course assumes that you are Amadeus trained.  If you are trained on any of the other systems, please talk to us about conversion courses. 

Amadeus Business Travel Management 

Business Travel is one of the most growing sectors in both Aviation and Travel Industries.  Whether your customer is a independent business owner or corporate organisation, business travel needs are required to meet the demand of the business traveller. 

This course prepares you for a career as a business travel consultant working for a Business Travel Management Company. The Business Travel Professional course has been designed by one of the world's leading Business Travel experts who are one of the largest business travel management companies in the world. 

The course covers the aspects of Business Travel as a Career, Worldwide Geography, Airline Geography, Customer service for business travel clients, regulations linking to business and Advance Reservations Systems used in Business Travel.  

*New students to Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment  - Evidence will be required that you are Amadeus Trained. 



Part 1 - You will start of with the leading Business Travel Computerised Simulated Reservation course  - Amadeus emulator including the following lessons:  

Introduction - Why a Career in Business Travel
Module 1 - Worldwide Geography
Module 2 - 24-hour clock, Time zones, Airport city code
Module 3 - Types of Travel - Leisure & Business
Module 4 - Airports and Commercial Airlines
Module 5 - Travel providers: Hotel, Rail and Car Hire Companies
Module 6 - Travel Industry and Regulations - Governing bodies, Passports, Visas and other travel documentation
Module 7 - Customer Service Excellence for Business Travellers
Module 8 - Economics of Business Travel
Module 9 - Aircraft manufactures
Module 10 - Airline business models
Module 11 - Airline geography
Module 12 - Airline Journeys and contingency planning
Advance Amadeus System 

Assessments & Practice

  • There are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. The Business Travel Reservation Computerised Sabre Emulator System, you will be given login details to gain access and start your training.

The course includes:

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 70 hours allocated time to complete your course within 6 months access to  your account and practice outside of your course
  • Final assessment on the entire course
  • An official industry worldwide recognised Certificate of Global Distribution System Training from Viasinc.

Part 2 - You will then continue with the Running Your Own Travel Agency  - Business Planning 

This course part of the course includes.....

  • The Travel Market
  • Formulate your business idea
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Licensing requirements 
  • Practically formulate a business plan

Licensing Application - Protect your customers...

Protecting your customers is essential for you and your customers whether they have booked a flight or holiday having that peace of mind to know they have booked with an agency that they can trust. Therefore, support is required for licensing applications. We will discuss your options pertaining to your business idea and find a suitable licensing for you and your customers. 

Preparing a Marketing Strategy & Business planning...

Marketing is a key element to any business, this is why it is important to ensure the you know the marketplace, your competitors, your customers and knowledge of the travel product you are offering.  Your business plan and marketing strategy will cover all of these aspects and will help you plan for today and in the future by one of our expect tutors, who has had the pleasure of running her own agency.  


After completion of the Certificate in Business Travel Professional, you will receive 2 certificates:

  • Business Travel Management 
  • Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate 

What a great way of gaining the right qualifications to start your career and gain a wealth of knowledge, industry terminology and skills ready for a Business Travel Career. You will receive a dedicated tutor that will support and provide you guidance throughout your course. 

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