Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level
Business Travel - Introductory Level

Business Travel - Introductory Level

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Do you want to work in the Travel and Tourism Industry?  Have you every consider a career in Business Travel Agent or already a retail travel agent and wish to change career into business travel?  

Business travel is a sector that many do not consider and is one of the high level of travel products that are considered for clients. Besides organising travel products all year round and meeting business travellers needs an agent would have to adapt quickly to any changes that are made to meet the requirements of the client. 

While studying this course you will learn how business travel organisations operate, howe they meet their clients needs which is essential for those who wish to aspire to a career in business travel.  for this type of career a wealth of skills and knowledge is required due to the complexity of working in business travel environment. 

On this course  you will be focusing on the different types of business travel operations, international business travel and developing business trips for clients.   

You will learn the underpinning knowledge of business travel and understand how the industry works with identify key components, the module focus are:

Module 1 - Business Travel Destinations 

Module 2 - Discounted airfares for business travel 

Module 3 - Ancillary business travel services 

Module 4 - Accommodation services for business travel 

Module 5 - Rail travel services for the business traveller 

Module 6 - Business travel financial services 

Module 7 - Business travel itineraries 

Module 8 - Information technology in business travel 

Module 9 - personal development skills

Final examination



The course includes...

  • Download E-learning course materials  and study 'While on the Go' 
  • Certification on completion 
  • Business Travel Client Profiling scenarios-base practice 
  • Final assessment on the entire course
  • Assigned a dedicated tutor to support you throughout your course 


On completion...

Once you have completed your course, you will receive 'Two Certificates', one for each course and Unitised Certificate illustrating to employers your knowledge and skills attained ready for employment within the industry.

Please note: You will also receive a 45 page 'Air Travel Appendix' inclusive of:

  • Worldwide Airline coding and decoding
  • Worldwide three letter codes coding and decoding
  • Aircraft codes
  • Country state codes
  • Baggage allowance codes
  • Abbreviations and Definitions used in the airline industry.

Career paths leading to...

The introductory to Business Travel course can provide candidates with a wealth Knowledge deciding if to continue to study and train on one of the Professional Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Amadeus or Sabre learning Airline, Hoel, Car Hire and Eurostar Reservations.  After attaining this training the examples of the following career paths:

  • Leisure and Business Travel Careers 
  • Introductory to Corporate Travel 
  • Introductory to Travel Management Companies 

Your course includes Course Materials, Personal Tutor Support & Guidance, and Certification.  

Our courses are the requirements of the industry and to meet the needs for well established airlines to ensure proficiency and high levels of competence at the start of your career. You will be able to gain employment with the technical knowledge and skills learnt on this course and gain a foothold within the industry of your choice.