NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level
NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level

NEW - Airline Fares, Ticketing & Airport Customer Services - Intermediate Level

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Do you want a job at the Airport? Would like to work at Airport Check-In or ever consider Airport Ticket Desk? Would you like to work as a Airline Customer Service Agent?

Well Exodus Travel Training and Recuitment have designed a course that complements two highly sought-after career paths in the Airport environment ~ Airport Customer Service Agent and Airport Ticket Desk. 

After Covid many customers had to Cancel, Reissue or Exchange their travel details wanting the agent to Recalculate Fares,  many industry staff were untrained to do so. One well established airline had to train  customer service staff on Ticketing procedures due to the ever increasing changing demand, and due to customers requirements.  Why not be a cut above the rest and attain important employment skills for that sustainable career.

Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge of reservations and ticketing procedures to industry standards. 

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Course Information

This course is designed into three parts: Airlines Fares and Ticketing; The Roles and Responsibility of Airport Customer Services Check-in Agent and the Amadeus Airport Departure Control Check-In Systems widely used at Airports.

Part 1 - Airline Fares and Ticketing 

For Fares and Ticketing Professional Intermediate Level - You will learner how to search, find and select the correct fare for different Passenger scenarios, familiarise with Airline Geography, Construct Passenger Fares, discover Airport City and Airline Codes for numerous destinations around the world, the Baggage Allowance systems available to Passengers and much more.

Once completed and gained familiarity with ticketing procedures, you will move onto the role and  responsibilities of a Airport Customer Service  Check-In Agent and have a real insight to the role at hand.

Part 2- The Roles and Responsibility of Customer Service Check-In Agent

The Airport Customer Service Agent (CSA) Course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills for working in the airport environment.   You learn the role of Airport Customer Service Agent step by step and cover all aspects from when Passengers walk inside the Airport and approaches the check in desk to issuing of the Boarding Pass.  The course is broken-down into 18 chapters the Customer Service element and the actual role of the Passenger Service Agent, which is much more practical.


Once you have gained insight to the role of an Airport Customer Service Agent, you are now now ready for the ultimate course  and will move onto the GDS  training Amadeus Altea Departure Control System (DCS).

Part 3 - Amadeus Departure Control Airport Control Check-In 

The Altea DCS is used by over 30 well-established scheduled airlines across the world and in many cases is one the requirements to  employment is to have knowledge or experience of the Altea DCS system. 

This course gives practical hands-on experience  to equip the skills needed for this great career.  It entails the Fundamental  of Airline or Ground Handlers knowledge to process passengers at the Airport Check in Desk such as  checking in passengers, issuing boarding passes, baggage tags, assign seating, service request for passenger and much more...

This is an excellent course with plenty of Interaction, Simulation, and Scenario-Based Instruction giving you the confidence, knowledge, hands-on experience and familiarity of the Altea DCS system with a solid career path within Aviation.


Course modules

Part 1: Airline Fares and Ticketing

Course Includes...

1 Understand IATA Terms and Definitions

2 Know IATA Areas

3 Know IATA Codes

4 Understand fare types

5 Select appropriate fares

6 Know the milage system

7 Taxes, fee and charges

8 Air travel documentation


Part 2: Airport Check In Customer Service

Course includes…

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Module 2 - The Airport Customer Service Role

Module 3 - The Airport Environment

Module 4 - Airport Customer Service

Module 5 - Aviation Encoding and Decoding 

Module 6 - Aviation Terminology

Module 7 - Aviation Geography

Module 8 - Airline Characteristics

Module 9 - Ticketing Coding Information

Module 10 - The Baggage Process

Module 11 - Check in Process Scenario

Module 12 - The Boarding Process

Module 13 - The Arrival Process

Module 14 - Specific Needs Passengers

Modules 15 - Passenger Announcements

Module 16 - Recruitment Process 1

Module 17 - Recruitment Process 2

Module 18 - Aviation Recruitment Assessments

Part 3: Airport Check-In System Amadeus Altea DCS

Course includes……

Industry standards

Lesson 1 - 24-Hour Clock

Lesson 2 - Time Zones

Lessons 3/4 - Airport and City Codes

Lesson 5 - Major Worldwide Airports

Lesson 6 - Commercial Airlines

Lesson 7 - Aircraft Manufacturers

Lesson 8 - Aircraft Types

Lesson 9 - Airline Hubs

Lesson 10 - Major Airport Codes

Introduction to DCS and GDS Systems

Lesson 11 - Introduction to DCS

Lesson 12 - Introduction to GDS

Customer Management Airport Check-In

Lessons 13-16 - Introduction to DCS Customer Management

Lesson 17 - Customer Management - Passenger Identification

Lesson 18 - Single Passenger Check-In

Lesson 19 - Multi-Passenger Check-In

Lesson 20 - Advance Check-In Options

Lesson 21- Cancel Check-In

Lesson 22 - Group Check-In

Lesson 23 - Allocated Seating

Lesson 24 - Modify Seating

Lesson 25 -  Neutral Seat Maps

Lesson 26 - Customer Product Records

Lesson 27 - Customer Links and History

Lesson 28 - Reservation  App

Lesson 29 - Service Requests

Lesson 30 - FQTV Data

Lesson 31 - Customer Comments

Lesson 32 - Infant Passengers

Lesson 33 - E-Tickets and Updates

Lesson 34 - Create Bookings

Final Exam on Amadeus Emulator

Freeform on Amadeus Altea DCS Emulator

The Amadeus Altea DCS course includes...

  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 45 hours allocated time to complete your course within 6 months
  • 6 months access to your account and practice outside of your course
  • Plenty of additional scenario-base practice



Upon completion you will receive 4 Certificates...

  • Airline Fares & Ticketing Intermediate Level
  • Airport Customer Service Check-In
  • Amadeus Airport Check-In Customer Management  Altea Departure Control Systems (DCS)
  • Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate Notification



The course includes...

  • Continuous support and guidance from dedicated expert tutor
  • All examinations
  • All certifications to completed courses
  • Continuous support in assistance to finding employment within the industry

At Exodus Travel Careers & Training we treat each student as an individual by ensuring that all receive the assistance required while on the course. We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to find out how you are getting on with the course even if you do not contact us. We also assist in finding employment with your career interest and provide you expert knowledge of what major organisations are look for in your chosen career path. Your time with us will be tailored to your needs to ensure you gain the best possible success on your course and seeking your career.