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Have you ever consider starting your own travel agency when retail or online? Do you have a great idea, but not sure how to go about it?  Would you like to open your own travel agency, but your not sure of the planning and preparations to make your idea turn to a viable success? We will guide and support you through this process. The package we offer our serious candidates is a great starting point to the skills and knowledge required to start and even the licensing requirements.  Within six months you could be on your way forward of owning your own agency. This course is for those who are really passionate about owning a travel business and is able to fully commitment to the requirements needed in order to make this successful.  If you already have a client based or is hoping to attract a new market  we will adopt an approach that complements your business idea.   

This particular course focuses on  those wishing to travel for leisure i.e. holiday purposes and also business travellers. You will be trained extensively on industry knowledge, related terminology, reservation systems for both business and leisure travellers. 

The Course Includes...

The Running Your Own Travel Agency Business Planning course entails all the skills required for a successful business.

 Part 1: Industry Fares and Ticketing  Professional is required by all those who wish to purse a career in business travel. In some cases, its also a requirement for to apply for related positions. This course give you the opportunity to develop the understanding and knowledge of dealing with Air travel  and passenger complex itineraries stopping at various Destinations for a number of nights.

Part 2: Travel Agency Operations

This course entails underpinning skills to  understand how the industry works.   You will gain the following competences and knowledge of holiday destinations and travel industry skills needed to work for retail travel operators. This course is designed for candidates to be introduced to the world of working as a travel agent.

Part 3: Travel and Airline Reservations  - GDS: Amadeus

The Amadeus Reservation System gives candidates to gain competence in booking Airline, Hotel, Car Hire and Eurostar Reservations Travel Services to book and create Reservations. This course allows the Airline or Travel Agent to confidently check the emulated Amadeus availability with Airlines, Hotels and Car Hire companies and book Reservations with great efficiency. This globally recognised computerised reservations system would ensure that you the agent is confident, well-trained and qualified to gain advantage too make reservations with various travel products  and confidentially book reservations for passengers, customers and clients for you agency.

Part 4:Business Travel Operations Introduction

Business travel is a sector that many do not consider and is one of the high level of travel products that are considered for clients. Besides organising travel products all year round and meeting business travellers needs an agent would have to adapt quickly to any changes that are made to meet the requirements of the client. 

Part 5: Business Travel Management - GDS: Amadeus

Business Travel is one of the most growing sectors in both Aviation and Travel Industries.  Whether your customer is a independent business owner or corporate organisation, business travel needs are required to meet the demand of the business traveller.The course covers the aspects of Business Travel as a Career, Worldwide Geography, Airline Geography, Customer service for business travel clients, regulations linking to business and Advance Reservations Systems used in Business Travel.  

Part 6: Preparing a Marketing Strategy & Business planning...

Marketing is a key element to any business, this is why it is important to ensure the you know the marketplace, your competitors, your customers and knowledge of the travel product you are offering.  Your business plan and marketing strategy will cover all of these aspects and will help you plan for today and in the future by one of our expect tutors, who has had the pleasure of running her own agency.  

Licensing Application - Protect your customers...

Protecting your customers is essential for you and your customers whether they have booked a flight or holiday having that peace of mind to know they have booked with an agency that they can trust. Therefore, support is required for licensing applications. We will discuss your options pertaining to your business idea and find a suitable licensing for you and your customers. 


Part 1: Fares and Ticketing Level 1...

  • You will gain the following competences and knowledge of:
  • Identify parts of a passenger’s journey
  • Identify cities and counties related to IATA areas & sub-areas
  • Identify global indicators for passenger routings
  • Select quotation of specific passenger routes and select the best fares
  • Construct convent and round the worldwide currencies using rates of exchange
  • Construct and price one way, return and circle trip routes using normal fares
  • Interpret data entries on electronic tickets
  • Identify applicable taxes, fees and charges for specific passenger journeys
  • Calculate child and infant fares.

Part 2 Travel Agency Operations…

On the Travel Agency Operations Course, you will gain the following competences and knowledge of:

  • Lesson 1 - The role of Travel Agents
  • Lesson 2 - Types of Travel Agents
  • Lesson 3 - Purpose of Travel
  • Lesson 4 - Travel Agents Office Procedures
  • Lesson 5 - Travel Products and Services
  • Lesson 6 - Selling skills
  • Lesson 7 - Travel Fundamentals 
  • Lesson 8 -  Calculating holiday costings
  • Lesson 9 - Sources of information 
  • Lesson 10 - A career as a travel agent 
  • Lesson 11 - industry terminology 
  • Lesson 12 - Introduction to travel and airline reservations.

Part 3: Travel and Airline Reservations  - GDS: Amadeus


  • Airline Timetables
  • Flight Availability
  • Flight Schedules
  • Flight Information
  • Flight Reservations
  • Creating Passenger Name Records (PNR)
  • Advance Passenger Name Records
  • SSR (Special Service Request) Messages
  • Frequent Flyer Information
  • Airline Seating Arrangements
  • Passenger Name Record with Child
  • Passenger Name Record with Infant
  • Passenger Name Record with Unaccompanied Minor
  • Passenger Name Record with Airline Information
  • Passenger Name Record with non airline reservations
  • Passenger Name Record with Multiple Passenger Names
  • Passenger Name Record with Child and Infant Names
  • Passenger Name Record Forms of Payment
  • Passenger Name Record Other Service Information (OSI)
  • Itinerary Cancellations and Changes
  • Passenger Reservation Changes
  • Client Booking Flies
  • Advance Flight Availability
  • Advance Dual City Pair Availability
  • Advance Flight Availability Codeshares
  • Advance Flight Availability Airline Alliances
  • Advance Flight Availability Low Cost Carriers (LCCs)
  • Advance Flight Reservations Waitlist
  • Flight Reservation Open Segments
  • Advance Cancellations and Changes
  • Airline Journey Types
  • Airline Single Fares
  • Airline Multi Fares
  • Airline Specific Airline Fares
  • Airline Itinerary
  • Airline Pricing
  • Airline Ticketing
  • Miscellaneous Documentation
  • Advance Ticketing
  • Amadeus Information Reference System
  • Hotel Encoding and Decoding
  • Hotel Availability
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Hotel Reservation Changes
  • Car Hire Encoding and Decoding
  • Car Hire Availability
  • Car Hire Reservations
  • Eurostar Reservations
  • Eurostar encoding and decoding
  • Eurostar availability
  • Eurostar Fares and Pricing
  • Eurostar Passenger Name Records (PNRs)
  • Eurostar seating arrangements
  • Visa and Health Itinerary Information.

Part 4: Business Travel Operations Introduction

You will learn the underpinning knowledge of business travel and understand how the industry works with identify key components, the module focus are:

  • Types of business Travel Agents client profiling
  • Procedures for booking business travel
  • Types of business and corporate travel 
  • Business Travel Products and Services
  • Business Travel Loyalty schemes 
  • Business Travel requests and requirements 
  • International Business Travel 
  • Business worldwide destinations 
  • Business Travel planning. 

Part 5: Business Travel Management - GDS: Amadeus

  • Introduction - Why a Career in Business Travel
  • Module 1 - Worldwide Geography
  • Module 2 - 24-hour clock, Time zones, Airport city code
  • Module 3 - Types of Travel - Leisure & Business
  • Module 4 - Airports and Commercial Airlines
  • Module 5 - Travel providers: Hotel, Rail and Car Hire Companies
  • Module 6 - Travel Industry and Regulations - Governing bodies, Passports, Visas and other travel documentation
  • Module 7 - Customer Service Excellence for Business Travellers
  • Module 8 - Economics of Business Travel
  • Module 9 - Aircraft manufactures
  • Module 10 - Airline business models
  • Module 11 - Airline geography
  • Module 12 - Airline Journeys and contingency planning.


Part 6: Marketing strategy & Business planning and licensing

This section includes a number of elements starting from formulating your idea in your business plan and identifying travel products and services you wish to offer your customers.  Carry out some market research for your select travel products are they leisure, business traveller or both.  Now, it time to formulate your marketing strategy, what is your approach to the business. These are the aspects you need to consider…this section includes.

  • Your business idea
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Management & Organisations
  • Business Financials
  • Business objectives
  • Applications related to business idea.

Course Schedule...

Your course is divided into a *39-week programme and is schedule to meet the needs of running a travel agency an examples as follows:

  • 8 weeks to  study - Airfares and Ticketing Course 
  • 4 Weeks to study - Travel Agency Operations
  • 8 Weeks to study - Airline and Travel Reservations system - GDS: Amadeus
  • 4 Weeks to study - Introduction to Business Travel Operations
  • 7 Weeks to study - Business Travel Management Reservation Systems - GDS: Amadeus
  • 4 Weeks to prepare - Marketing strategy and business planning 
  • 4 Weeks to apply - Licensing application

How much time do I need to complete the course?

The course is expected to take 340 hours to complete. The minimum expected study time invested by a student is 8 hours per week.  Above is an ideal schedule to illustrate how you would be able to proceed to open your own travel agency within six months with the commitment of 8 hours each week of study. You could also commit to 6.5 hours each week giving you 12 months to complete your course.  However, this is a guideline and the course can work around your own commitments with you and your tutor you are able to design your own schedule to suit your needs.


The course includes:

Your course includes different assessment methods

  • Course materials Fares and Ticketing Professional Level 1 - Course materials
  • Air Appendix Manual
  • Travel Agency Operations - Online
  • An agent sign on and sign off login
  • 90 Hours of study of Travel and Airline Reservation system - Amadeus
  • 70 Hours of study of Business Travel Management - Amadeus
  • Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress
  • Final assessments for all areas of the course known as Exam Emulators
  • Tutor support & guidance throughout your course
  • Practical Business planning. 


You will also receive 4 certificates:

  • Travel Agency Operations
  • Fares and Ticketing Professional - Level 1
  • Industry recognised Certificate  - GDS Amadeus Travel and Airline Reservations
  • Industry recognised Certificate  - GDS Amadeus Business Travel Management
  • Notification of Topics Learnt

On Completion

After successfully completing your course, you will receive six months continuous guidance and support to discuss progress on your business plans.  Business Planning Documents  in all of the above content include alongside Tutor Continuous  Support.