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CV Packages

CV Packages

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It takes less than 20 seconds for an prospective employer to make the decision to place applications to the next stages of the interview process. Why? On many CVs witnessed by our Exodus Travel Training & Recruitment, the candidate does not sell their key attributes or skills well to employers, we find- too many grammar and spelling mistakes, lack of detail or just not the right skills highlighted.  

The industry's requirements...

Major organisations require candidates to have excellent written English skills before applying to career in the industry.  You might of witnessed that organisation require candidates to have 3 GCSE A-C grades or similar.  However, if you do not have these, but are able to show at the initial stages of the recruitment process that your written or online application is to a professional standard, then you are through to the next stages such as assessment days or interview invites.  


Spectacular applications...

Our CV Service allows us to consult with you and produce CV that you want and to industry standard.  All of our packages include consultation to find out additional information regarding your roles, key responsibilities and achievements.  We then take this information and turn it into something spectacular where employer's heads will turn and take notice of your application for the position your are applying for!  So, don't delay, make a different in the number of successful applications you will receive, become in demand and be are able to make choices.


Packages available...

Package 1

  • CV and Consultation only 

Package 2

  • CV and Consultation
  • 1 X General speculative Cover Letter

Package 3 

  • CV and Consultation
  • 1  General speculative Cover Letter*
  • 1 Industry Cover Letter* 
  • 1 Generic Resignation Letter 

Package 4

  • CV and Consultation
  • 1 - General speculative Cover Letter*
  • 1 - Industry Cover Letter* 
  • 1 - Generic Resignation Letter
  • 1- Personal profile for online applications*


General information...

* General speculative cover letter  - this allows you to apply for any job role

*Industry cover letter - this is specific for the industry where your skills match the industry requirements

* Personal profile  - many job applications online require candidates to produce an personal profile to why they wish to apply for the job role.  This is the first point of contact with the employer and the more important part of the decision making process.  After our consultant process, we will produce a profile that will stand out from the crowd and appeal to industry employers to select your for the next stages the interview process. 


We have had many success stories of our candidates gain sustainable employment in the industry by using our services from our CV packages to our 'Mock Interview' days.

If you have any questions regarding our service, please contact us.