Ticket Exchange  - Amadeus
Ticket Exchange  - Amadeus

Ticket Exchange - Amadeus

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Course Information

This professional course is designed for those that would like to learn Airlines Fares, Availability, Fare Rules, Airline Pricing and Ticketing using the Sabre Training System and gain  access to the Amadeus Database Data.

Course Includes...Amadeus Module

Part 1

Lesson 1— Electronic Ticket Records (ETRs)

Lesson 2— Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs)

Lesson 3 — Fare Research for Ticket Exchanges

Lesson 4 — Research Multiple Fare Basis Codes

Final Assessment Exam

Part 2

Lesson 1 — Ticket Changer Basics

Lesson 2 — Basic Exchanges: Revalidation and Reissues

Lesson 3 — Exchanges with Penalty Fees

Lesson 4 — Exchanges with Residual Values

Lesson 5 — Non-Standard Exchange

Final Examination - Amadeus Simulated Emulator

Assessments & Practice

• There are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt. The Airline Reservations Professional Systems training course - includes a personal log in to sign on and sign off the professional emulator.

The course includes:

• An agent sign on and sign off login

• 20 Hours of study

• Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress

• Final assessments for all three areas of the course known as Exam Emulators

• Support & guidance throughout your course

You will receive 2 certificates:

  Amadeus  - Ticket Exchange Certificate

• Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Certificate

What a great way of gaining the right qualifications to start your career and gain a wealth of knowledge, industry terminology and skills ready for an Ticketing career path.

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