Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange
Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange
Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange
Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange
Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange
Amadeus  Fares and Ticketing  - Customer Ticket Exchange

Amadeus Fares and Ticketing - Customer Ticket Exchange

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Course Information 

The Amadeus Professional Ticket Exchange course is designed for those seeking professional training  for the industry, related continued professional development or additional training for further knowledge on systems used in the industry. This course provides real-world practice scenarios.


Ticket Exchange 

Due to the current situation at the moment, many customers would need to  or had to change their confirmed Airline Ticket Reservation at a more convenient time considering the external factors  of the world today. Ticket Exchange focusing on Reissuing, Revalidation, Penalties and Issuing new tickets with related Airline documentation.  Ticket exchange one of the most important aspects of Ticketing when working at the Airport at the Ticketing Desk.  Most recently a well established  Airline had to training all Customer/Passenger  Service Agents on the concept of Ticket Exchange. Thus the importance of this professional training required today. 


The Ticket Exchange Course Includes...

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Ticket Exchange

Lesson 2 - Electronic Ticket Records (ETRs)

Lesson 3 - Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs)

Lesson 4 - Fare Research for Ticket Exchange 

Lesson 5  - Research multiple Fare Basis Codes  

Lesson 6 Ticket Changer Basic 

Lesson 7 - Revalidation and Reissues 

Lesson 8 Exchange with Penalty fees 

Lesson 9 - Exchange with Residual Values 

Lesson 10 - Non-Standard Exchange 

Lesson 11 - Electronic Ticket Records - (Changer/ETRs)

Lesson 12 - Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (Changer/EMDs) 

Lesson 13 - Fare Research for Ticket Exchange 

Lesson 14 - Research Multiple Fare Basis Codes 

Final Assessment Exam 

Assessment and Practice

This course is 100% practical and hands-on.  Each lesson consist of detailed instruction which are provided and there are Quizzes at the end of each assessment learnt.  To  access to the  Amadeus System includes a personal login to sign on/off the reservation emulator to start training. 


All  includes:
• An agent sign on and sign off login

  • 20 hours of Amadeus Online Training split into three parts
  • Lessons and Drills (Quizzes) to assess your learning and progress 
  • Final assessments for all areas of the course known as Exam Emulators
  • Support and guidance throughout your course


You will receive 3  certificates:


Amadeus Ticket Exchange Certificate 

Exodus Travel Training and Recruitment Notification

What a great way of gaining the right qualifications to start your career and gain a wealth of knowledge, industry terminology and skills ready for an Ticketing career path.


The Airline Reservations Fares & Ticketing Professional Systems course can provide candidates with a wealth of career options with the examples of the following areas:

Airport Ticket Desk 

Airline Reservations 

Airline Call Centre

Airline Reservation Agent

Fares Desk Agent 

Airline Travel Consultant 

At Exodus Travel Careers & Training will treat you as an individual by ensuring that all receive the assistance required while on the course. We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to find out how you are getting on with the course even if you do not contact us. We also assist in finding employment with your career interest and provide you expert knowledge of what major organisations are look for in your chosen career path. Your time with us will be tailored to your needs to ensure you gain the best possible success on your course and seeking your career.

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